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Glamour the Italian Way

Cobbled streets, piercing blue skies, hot Italian days, delicious cuisine. Italy is a place where dreams come true. The real fashion capital of glamour, so you must dress the part. Epitomise Italian style and douse yourself with chic fragrance, shade the stunning views with designer sunglasses and make sure you never forget them with a digital camera.

Feast Mediterranean

A steamy kitchen. Salt water boiling over. The familiar aroma of your grandmother’s famous ragu. It’s that Italian cooking. Cook up your own storm with a traditional pasta maker or cheat a little with an electric pizza oven. For an authentic Italian café feel, surround yourself with clear dulcet tones via coloured headphones, whilst enjoying a freshly made espresso – courtesy of your own machine.

Scoot Away

The road ahead is quiet. The Italian heat is scorching. You’re off to pick up your dream girl. She adores your 1970s Vespa. Darting in and out of roads. Riding down tiny winding lanes. A scooter day should be fun and glamorous, make sure safety comes first with a sturdy helmet and there’s a touch of fun with stunning heels on your gorgeous passenger. Keep your eye on the time with a stylish watch and stay looking cool in coloured shorts.

Solid Gold

Gold is silver’s bold big sister. Where gold dares to roam, every other colour is too scared to go. Gold is not afraid to be centre stage. If you want an instant slice of luxury there is only one colour that will cut it. Light up your living space with a golden lamp and then light up your wrist with a fabulous golden watch. Bring a luxury element to your tech and opt for a molten hued iPhone. Finally, upgrade your style credentials and strut about in metallic platform sandals.

Going Green

Hurry through those dark leaves. Every hue of green easily protects you from being spotted: sage, muddy and khaki. Perfect for when you want to go incognito. Be stylishly undercover in khaki shades. Channel a military mood with a khaki field jacket and a serious olive coloured digital camera. Adopt brighter hues for a more optimistic feel, whether you’re into designer handbags or 1950s chairs